Introductory post: Welcome to my heart ❤️

Hello everyone, long time no see! It’s Logy here, also known as the Alchemist of blogging or just Alice.

I’ve decided to start up a new blog, and abandon my previous one; Why ? I felt like my previous blog wasn’t what I wanted it to be, It didn’t represent who I was, and what I wanted to do. I wanted my original blog to be something very personal, which in my opinion I *mostly* failed at, there were a few posts that I thought were quite good, Such as my Doki Doki Literature Club post and My Atelier Dusk Trilogy post, but I think the vast majority of my posts were average at best.

I hope that this time around, I can fix my previous mishaps, and create something truly special. Restarting my blog may seem like a huge gamble, since there is a high chance I’ll lose my previous audience BUT I would personally rather have a less popular blog with better content, rather than a decently popular one with sub par content.

Major changes I’ll be making:

  • I’m gonna try focusing on the quality of the content, rather than how long it is, or how long it takes to make.
  • I’m going to try and put more emotion into each post, since my best posts were always my more emotional ones, hence the blog’s name “Hole into my heart”

Also for those of you who were fans of some of my previous posts, I will not be removing the old posts off my original blog, and I will also be remaking a few of my previous posts, I hope that will please most of you. Thanks everyone for sticking by me.

I’m going to reiterate some of my original rules when it comes to my blog:

  • There will probably be spelling mistakes. I try my best to spot them while I’m reading over my posts, but I’m not an expert when it comes to grammar, so a lot slips through the cracks.
  • My blog doesn’t have a specific theme or anything, though I’ll mainly be covering Video games, Anime and Manga, since that’s where my interests mainly lie.

Before I go I’m going to quickly talk a bit about myself for those of you who don’t know me.

My Name is Alice (Al), I’m a Transgender female who is really into gaming and anime. I wanted a platform to share my love of these mediums, and I thought a blog would be quite unique way of sharing my opinions about gaming and anime.

Thank you all for reading my introductory post, I hope to provide good content for you all in the near future! ❤️

For the first time in awhile …Logy out!

2 thoughts on “Introductory post: Welcome to my heart ❤️

  1. Really interesting new direction you’ve decided to take with your blogging career!

    It’s really neat seeing you starting from scratch bestie! Looking forward to seeing what’s to come, and as always I’ll do what I can to support you!

    I’m sure whatever you have in store for us all will be amazing as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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