Depressed ramble: People only focus on appearances

He looks like an incel” 😥

Hey guys and gals, it’s Logy back again. I’m going to be doing a bit more of a somber post than I usually do; Yep, it’s time for another depressed ramble. I was really hoping to have these types of posts more spread out, but I guess it can’t be helped, when you feel like shit and you’re in a constant struggle to keep living…

…Today’s topic will be “People only focus on appearances”, this is true, whether you want to admit it or not, we all judge others on external factors that they have little to no control over. I’ve faced this fact my whole life, being an obese, ugly, trans women. I had no control over the fact my face looks like it was hit with a shovel.

Since I’ve never looked good, nor do I have any social standing, I’ve gotten to see the worst of humanity, just in the way they treat me. People always look for an easy target no one will defend, I’ve always been that target. I’m made fun of by others constantly, I’ve been called fat, retarded, ugly, living waste, by the people everyone adores.

All I’ve gotta say, is usually the most talented or popular kids are the worst humans on the face of this earth, they think those who have nothing are worthless…

…Most of the time, they are bullies

One of the worst insults that has been swung at me, is that I’m an incel…

This, really bothers me. I’m left wing, my whole life revolves around trying to better myself and others, and for someone to just call me an incel based on my appearance, tears me up inside.

I really hate labels in general, as someone who has been made fun of for having autism, I feel like labels do more bad than good. They give bullies a box to put you into, it takes away your humanity, for example “You’re not one of us, you’re autistic!”.

On a different note, I have a thyroid condition that makes me gain more weight than the average person, so it makes it really hard to lose the weight. BUT people don’t care about that, they can make fun of me because I’m fat, they don’t care about the person deeper on the inside, just the outer exterior. I hate when people say shit like “Just go exercise fatass”, because as I just explained, for some of us, it isn’t just that easy…

Now that I’ve vented out some of my frustration with people generalizing others based on appearances, I think I’ll talk about the character who sparked this line of thinking, and why I’m really able to relate to his struggles…

…Shinra Kusakabe

So yeah, Shinra is a great example of a character who is judged for external factors, as well as some stuff from his past that others judge him on.

I’m only a few episodes into Fire force, and I’m not too great at explaining my thoughts when it comes to relating to characters but I’m gonna try my best.

Here’s how I relate to Shinra Kusakabe from Fire force, and how he ties into my previously established points about judging others on the little bit of information you have about them!

Quickly for context, I’m going to explain Shinra’s backstory since it relates to how people judge him.

In Year 186, Shinra was five years old and lived with his mother and younger brother, Shō. As a young child, Shinra was passionate about heroism, dressing up as a superhero, mimicking heroic actions from television and aspiring to become a hero that could protect his supportive family. One day, Shinra unexpectedly woke up to discover that his house was ablaze. Watching his mother engulfed in flames, she cried out to him, telling him to run. In the chaos.

How he relates to me

People assume Shinra is the cause of the fire for two reasons in the series, he’s a pyrokinetic(which in the series is basically someone who can control or manipulate fire) and he has a grinning tic, where he smiles when he’s nervous. Both of those things are external factors he has no control over, yet he is looked down upon and treated like shit because of things he can’t control!

I relate a lot to this, since I would say I have a good heart(much like Shinra, since he wants to become a hero) but I’m treated like I’m sub-human because of external, meaningless factors.

I also relate to Shinra having tics, since I have some tics myself due to my Aspergers, such as clapping or snapping when I’m stressed out.

Final thoughts

I hope I did a decent job at explaining things. I’m sorry for doing another depressed ramble, I’ll try to slow down with these. I love all of you guys and gals…

Logy out!

2 thoughts on “Depressed ramble: People only focus on appearances

  1. I think these posts are a good way to get your feelings out. It’s best to not keep your feelings bottled up inside (Believe me, I did that for 3 years and I still need a lot of venting to do), and if these posts are your way of letting them out, by all means do what you gotta do. Me and the rest of your friends will understand. Just keep your head held high and keep moving forward! 🙂🙂🙂

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  2. This was an absolutely amazing post and you really wore your heart on your sleeve with this one, sharing how Shinra and his experiences relate to your own.

    I also relate to Shinra in a lot of ways for similar reasons (notably his facial tic), so I could really relate to this post as well.

    Excellent job bestie. Keep up the amazing work!

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