RPG-Maker Horror Game Retrospective: Introduction post

Hello guys and gals, it’s Logy here! in today’s post I’ll be going over the outline for my next big project on my blog. That being an RPG Maker horror game retrospective. Unlike my previous retrospectives, I’m going into this one with a lot more pre-planning, so I can hopefully commit myself to actually finishing a retrospective for once!

A question that I’m sure is on most of your minds is, why am I covering this specific topic? There’s a multitude of reasons why I decided on this topic, but I’m just going to go over the “main” reasons, while explaining why I chose this topic.

The first reason is, that this is just something I’m passionate about. I’ve always chose topics that I’m very passionate about for my retrospectives, but this topic is a little more refreshing than my previous 2 retrospective topics, since each piece of media I’m covering is drastically different from each other, so I just have a lot more to talk about in general, when it comes to this retrospective.

The second reason is, most of these games have pretty dead fandoms, so hopefully by covering these games, I can breathe some life into these (mostly forgotten) masterpieces. I would love to even see 2 or 3 more people try out some of these games through my recommendations in this retrospective.

The third reason is a bit more selfish of me, I’m hoping by talking about these games, it can reignite some of my passion and love for writing. Seriously, I’ve been struggling to find motivation to write about anything! I’ve deleted a ton of old blog posts, due to this general feeling of them “not being good enough”. Maybe this retrospective will help me improve my writing skills, while also helping me find that passion I’ve lost.

What is RPG maker?:

(RPG Maker, known in Japan as RPG Tsukūru, is the name of a series of programs for the development of role-playing video games, created by the Japanese group ASCII)

A quick note about the schedule of this retrospective:

Ok, so about the schedule of these posts. My goal is to be releasing retrospective posts weekly. I can’t promise that I won’t miss a few deadlines(school is hell right now, and I’m struggling with the worst bout of depression I’ve ever had) but I’ll try my best to be as consistent as humanly possible with these posts. Also, I may release other posts in between retrospective posts, I may not, it just all depends on how I feel these next couple of weeks.

What games I’ll be covering in this retrospective:

I’m gonna quickly discuss the games I’ll be covering in this retrospective. Obviously I cannot cover EVERY RPG maker horror game, there are just too many out there, and I’m not interested in every title in this niche genre. That being said, I did try to choose a decent amount of variety in the games I’ll be covering, so I hope you enjoy!

Note: I won’t be covering these games in any particular order, there are a few exceptions to this statement (Such as sequels or fangames), but for the most part, I’ll be covering these games at random.

Without further aideu, here are the titles I’ll be covering…

(Links for each of these posts will be added, as the posts are created)

Yume Nikki

Yume 2kki


The Witch’s House

Ao Oni

Mad Father



The Crooked Man

The Sandman

And that’s it! those are the games I’m planning on covering for this retrospective.

I know there are a few notable games missing, such as, Misao, Corpse party, Mogeko castle, etc. I may cover these games if this retrospective goes REALLY well, but I’m not gonna make any promises. I think the variety in the titles I’ve already chosen should suffice though, basically don’t get your hope up about me covering other games, because I most likely won’t cover them.

And with that, I think I can call this introduction post a wrap! I hope you’re all excited for this project, because I sure know I am!

I love all of you guys so much, seeya all in the (hopefully) near future…

Logy out!

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